Grievous Intrigue: One Word…Lightsabers!

4 01 2010

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The return of The Clone Wars started the New Year off right!  Viewers were treated to a thrilling lightsaber fight and epic space battle, reinvigorating the season with a definite Star Wars feel.  Here’s the breakdown:

Eeth Koth (yes, he’s alive – see supervising director Dave Filoni’s explanation here) has been captured by General Grievous over the planet Saleucami.  Anakin, Obi-Wan and Adi Gallia (making her Clone Wars debut) plan a rescue mission.  Little do they know that Grievous is one step ahead.

The Monkey: The opening lightsaber battle between Grievous and Koth was great.  It was especially unnerving to see the Magna Guards simply watching the duel, only intervening to keep Koth in the fray.  It was also nice to see several new ship designs: a Separatist battle cruise, a Republic light cruiser (a mash-up between a Republic Cruiser and a Venator-class Star Destroyer), and a new, bubble-cockpit shuttle.  As much as I like Ahsoka, it was nice to see Anakin’s interactions with other Jedi, in this case, Gallia.  A scene where Anakin makes a micro-hyperspace jump into the middle of the space battle made me giggle with nerd-glee!

One of the great things about The Clone Wars is Star Wars fans get a chance to see never-before-seen creatures, planets, battles, etc.  This episode delivers, with a clever fight sequence that takes place in a broken and damaged air-lock…awesome!

The Weasel: The episode tried to flesh out Grievous’ motivations and tried to establish more of a connection between him and Obi-Wan.  This was the weakest part of the episode.  While a more three dimensional Grievous would be welcome in the series, his desire to “control the grandest army in the galaxy” felt like the same old same old.  Nothing new here.

Overall, great start to the second part of Season 2!

3 Death Stars out of 5

What did you think?  Was the lightsaber battle all you hoped for?  Are Grievous’ motivations believable?  Tell me what you liked and didn’t like about Grievous Intrigue in the comments!

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5 01 2010

Anakin’s hyper-speed jump right into the battle was so cool!

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