The Deserter: Clones Wax Philosophical

8 01 2010

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The second part of The Clones Wars mid-season premiere continues the story started in the previous episode, Grievous Intrigue.  Here’s the breakdown:

General Grievous has crash landed on the planet Saleucami after Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Adi Gallia saved Eeth Koth.  Grievous must find a working escape pod in order to escape…and Obi-Wan, with the help of Captain Rex and the clones, hope to stop him.  Along the way, Rex is wounded and must seek refuge on a nearby farm.  There, he encounters a fellow clone,  a deserter from the war named Cut, and experiences what life may be like outside of the military.

The Monkey: While this episode it not as action heavy as some, the plot was pretty highbrow, considering The Clone Wars is a cartoon.  Rex is confronted with the idea of life after the war, life without war.  He sees Cut and his family (Cut has a wife and two children) and begins to understand he has a choice; however, he still disagrees with Cut.  This was a nice touch; having Rex change his mind about Cut’s desertion would have been a stretch.  The writers did a brilliant job balancing the two points of view.  Cut has been damaged by war and feels he has the free will to make his life his own.  Instead of Rex countering with a “we-were-bred-for-this” kind of retort, Rex genuinely feels his place is with his fellow brothers, fighting for peace.  The viewer doesn’t feel either character is making a “right” or “wrong” decision; they are merely doing what they feel is right for themselves and their respective families.

The suspense of this episode stemmed from the fact that it dealt with characters that don’t appear in any of the movies…leaving their fates open.  When Rex was wounded, it could have been the end of him.  When Cut’s family is attacked, any one of them could have died.  This is another thing The Clone Wars has going for it…by utilizing new characters such as Rex and Ahsoka, the viewers are treated with suspense, not knowing what will happen.  Rex doesn’t appear in Episode III…will he die?  Does this episode plant the seed of desire for a family?  Will he leave the army?  We’ll have to keep watching to find out!

It was nice to see a mixed-species couple (Cut is a human clone, Suu, his wife, is a Twi’lek).  This subject hasn’t been explored much on film (more so in the Expanded Universe) and I think the message is a positive one.  I do wonder, however, when we’ll see some characters from mixed-species parents.  Cut’s children, I assume, are Suu’s from a previous marriage…the war hasn’t been going on long enough for Cut to be the biological father.  What would a human-Twi’lek kid look like?

Philosophical discussions of war, choice, freedom and family have always been hinted at in The Clone Wars series and its nice to see some more attention paid to difficult and complicated stories.

The Weasel: One of the best parts of The Clone Wars is seeing new locales.  Saleucami, compared to other Clone Wars locations, was a bit of a disappointment.  The matte paintings were amazing, as always, but the foliage and relative feel of the planet was lacking the depth of detail seen on planets such as Rodia and Ryloth.

Visually and action-wise…not the most exciting episode.  But The Deserter has paved the way for much deeper and more meaty story lines to surface in future episodes.  This is a turning point for The Clone Wars, one that has me very excited.

4.5 Death Stars out of 5

What did you think?  Do you think Rex might one day leave the army?  Tell me what you thought about The Deserter in the comments!

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5 responses

8 01 2010

I think there is a SLIM chance Rex might leave the army… but it’s debatable. I’m torn on that one… I sorta hope he does, to be honest.

ps. have you seen TOBY-Wan Kenobi?

9 01 2010

I agree, I think it would be a cool story point to have Rex decide to leave the army…I’ll guess we’ll just wait and see! And never seen the video before, but very catchy, thanks for sharing!

11 01 2010

anytime! glad you like it. we decided to make a song/video every friday (gulp). it’s a huge task but i welcome the challenge…

20 01 2010

Any idea when force unleased 2 is comming out

20 01 2010

According to, it looks like the novel based on the game is going to be released in hardback on October 5, 2010…so, the game might be out by Christmas?

I’ll let you know if I hear anything!

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