Lightsaber Lost: Beautiful New Addition to Season 2

25 01 2010

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The Clone Wars: Season 2 continues with the highly anticipated Episode 11, Lightsaber Lost.  Here’s the breakdown:

After her lightsaber is stolen by a pickpocket, Ahsoka enlists the help of elderly Jedi Master Tera Sinube to help her track down the thieves and solve a murder mystery in the process.

The Monkey: This episode showcased a lot of “firsts” for Star Wars.  No less than three new alien species were introduced (Sinube is a Cosian, and the two thieves are a Terellian jango jumper and an as yet unidentified species).  The Coruscant police droids also made their first appearance.  While audiences caught a glimpse of the Coruscant underworld in Attack of the Clones, this episode went a bit deeper, showing even more of the seedier parts of the city-planet.  SMALL SPOILER ALERT: Viewers were also treated to a new lightsaber design!  Sinube’s lightsaber/cane was an unexpected and awesome treat.  Plus, you gotta love the new silver/blue blade color!

Aside from the exciting new characters, the animation for this episode was breathtaking.  Everything from Master Sinube’s mottled skin to the flickering neon lights of billboards, Lightsaber Lost features the most beautiful Clone Wars animation yet.

Lighstaber Lost was not just exciting action and beautiful images, however.  Showcasing Ahsoka as the main character is a first for The Clone Wars and allowed viewers to see her operate outside of Anakin’s shadow.  This was where the episode got interesting.  In her quest to find her stolen lightsaber, Ahsoka is definitely her teacher’s pupil.  In an unsettling scene, she even uses Anakin-like force to get what she wants…something that felt very much like the dark side.  This episode highlighted the effect Anakin is having on his padawan…and even poses some possible explanations for Ahsoka’s glaring absence from Revenge of the Sith.  Does Ahsoka turn to the dark side…?

The Weasel: A small murder mystery plot is woven into the story, but comes off underused or unnecessary.  Unless it comes back to mean something more in a later episode, the plot seemed weak and added nothing to the story or characters.

With a nice combination of action, amazing animation and some unsettling foreshadowing, Lightsaber Lost is very nearly the perfect Clone Wars episode…even without major characters like Obi-Wan and Anakin.  Hopefully viewers will get a chance to see Master Sinube, and thieves Ione Marcy and Cassie Cryar again in subsequent episodes!

4 Death Stars out of 5

What did you think?  Do you think Ahsoka might turn to the dark side?  Share your thoughts about Lightsaber Lost in the comments!

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