Dexter Season 2: Another Slice of Great TV

2 03 2010

Dexter’s back in all his gruesome glory for Season 2 of the hit Showtime series. Here’s the breakdown:

The season opens with a bang – Dexter’s dumping grounds have been found! With dozens of dismembered bodies, the Miami Police Department has another serial killer on their hands. Even the FBI is called in to help solve the case and catch the new killer, dubbed The Bay Harbor Butcher. Little do they know it’s actually Dexter! Dexter must keep his identity secret, while maintaining his relationship with Rita – plus, add mysterious NA sponsor, Lila, into the mix and Dexter has his hands full…

The Monkey: The season’s premise is engaging – we all know Dexter won’t get caught, but how will he find a way out? It’s the way Dexter maneuvers through the season that is so fascinating.

The season introduces two new characters: Agent Lundy, head of the FBI investigation, and Lila, Dexter’s NA sponsor. Both actors deliver something fresh to the show and definitely hold their own with the rest of the cast. Lila, especially, is a great character – you love to hate her or hate to love her.

Viewers also get a deeper look at Dexter’s past, including more about adoptive father Harry and more info about the demise of Dexter’s mother. Seargeant Dokes also takes on a bigger role this season, fleshing out his character from Season 1 and making him much more complicated.

The Weasel: While the premise was engaging, it also poses a problem – viewers know Dexter won’t get caught. This does take away some of the suspense.


Once again, the season finale disappointed. Dokes gets framed as The Bay Harbor Butcher and Dexter walks away. But this didn’t set well with me. Dokes, while a jerk, was innocent, not fitting with Dexter’s Code. While it was Lila, and not Dexter, who killed Dokes, I still felt Dexter was wrong for letting an innocent man take the fall. The series even set everything up for a much more satisfactory outcome: Lila should have taken the fall as The Butcher. She had a history of arson related murders (including Dokes’) and Dexter needed to get rid of her anyway. I still think Dokes had to die, but he didn’t need to take the fall. I was hoping Dexter could come up with a clever way to frame Lila instead. But, alas, Dexter (and the writers) took the easy way out. Disappointing.


Another great addition to the series, riding heavily on the shoulders of some great guest characters. The bar has been set…can Season 3 deliver? I’ll find out!

3.5 Death Stars out of 5

What do you think? Did Season 2 live up to the first? Were you satisfied with the ending? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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