Hot Tub Time Machine: Like Hot Tubbing For Your Brain

30 03 2010

Following in the footsteps of myriad buddy/raunch films, Hot Tub Time Machine delivers on the bodily fluids and yes, even the laughs. Here’s the breakdown:

Four estranged friends seek to rekindle their friendship with a weekend of skiing, drinking and hot tubbing. But when their “hot tub time machine” transports them back to 1986, these friends must make a choice: keep things the same, or change their fate and their futures forever.

The Monkey: John Cusack and Craig Robinson did a great job. While this seemed a bit of a departure for Cusack, he carried off the role well, balancing some of the more wacky characters with his own, subdued sense of humor. Robinson nearly stole the show, with his deadpan deliveries, sudden outbursts and, yes, his musical number.

Surprisingly, the film had a heart. Viewers really cared for these friends and truly wished for them to reconcile. The friendships were real and believable, giving the movie an emotional center that could have easily gone missing.

But, the movie never tried to take itself too seriously and made no qualms about being a raunchy, hard R comedy.

The Weasel: While the jokes were funny, they weren’t particularly clever or witty. Much of the set-up was predictable and much of the humor involved just about every bodily function/fluid.

Rob Corddry, in an effort to be the comedic go-to-guy, came off grating and over-the-top. His best moments were when he wasn’t screaming and trying too hard to be funny, which, unfortunately, were few and far between.

The time travel plot was so convoluted and made such little sense…but by the end, you don’t really care.

Will Hot Tub Time Machine find itself compared favorably to such adult comedies as 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up? Probably not. But will it make you laugh? You bet.

2.5 Death Stars out of 5

What do you think? Was Hot Tub Time Machine everything you’d hoped it would be? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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