Death Trap: Boba Fett Channels His Inner Dennis The Menace

30 04 2010

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Acting as a prologue for the two-part season finale (R2 Come Home and Lethal Trackdown), Death Trap is the much hyped debut of the galaxy’s (and the franchise’s) most popular bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Here’s the breakdown:

Intent on killing Mace Windu, the man responsible for his father’s death, Boba Fett infiltrates a Republic cadet group, gaining access to The Endurance, Mace’s current flagship. Once there, Boba puts into motion a series of deadly traps, meant to exact revenge against the Jedi. And it appears Boba has some help from the outside…

The Monkey: It was nice to see a story that dealt with direct references to the films. Many Clone Wars episodes are so far removed from the central story line that one almost forgets the larger picture. Death Trap did a great job of using a small scene (the death of Jango Fett) from Attack of the Clones to create an interesting Clone Wars story line.

I really enjoy the interactions between Mace and Anakin. Their relationship really took shape in The Zillo Beast, and continued to be fleshed out in Death Trap. In particular, Anakin’s bravado attitude toward the cadets (and Mace’s subsequent exasperation) further proved that the writers have ditched the child-like humor for intelligent wit that entertains and furthers plot/character arcs.

Daniel Logan is a welcome member to the ever-expanding Clone Wars voice cast. His ability to create different character voices for each cadet mirrors Dee Bradley Baker’s own work with the clone troopers. Job well done.

The music in this episode was some of the best in the series so far. The haunting “Boba Theme” was spot on, feeling both fresh and distinctly Star Wars at the same time. I can only hope this thematic movement will continue in future Boba-centric episodes.

The Weasel: While it’s great to see Boba, I’m hesitant about his role in The Clone Wars; will he loose his mystery if we learn too much about his past? Will existing Boba Fett stories become non-cannon or need ridiculous retconning to remain in the timeline? Who knows – only time will tell.

I was shocked at the look of this episode; while recent episodes have been stunningly animated, Death Trap looked even more wooden than season one episodes. I’m not sure if this episode was developed earlier in the animation process or what, but the constant close-ups of Boba’s face made him look like a psychotic-Pinocchio puppet.

The episode lacked a distinct plot, mostly because it acts as a precursor to the season finale. We never really felt that Mace was in any danger. And why didn’t anyone notice Boba disappearing from his cadet unit every two minutes, wrecking havoc?!

An interesting, but almost unnecessary set-up for the season finale. And while the culmination of season two is supposed to be all about the Fett, I find myself far more intrigued by Aurra Sing and Bossk (who both make brief appearances at the end of Death Trap).

3 Death Stars out of 5

What do you think? Are you excited for the Boba Fett episodes? What kinds of surprises do you think the season finale has in store? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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