Lethal Trackdown: Not Quite As Deadly As Anticipated

13 05 2010

Photo credit: starwars.com

Season 2 of The Clone Wars concludes with part 2 of the two-part season finale, Lethal Trackdown. Here’s the breakdown:

The Jedi must find a way to save Republic hostages from the clutches of Aurra Sing and Boba Fett.  But they’ll have to enter the bowels of Coruscant’s underworld and encounter an old foe along the way.

The Monkey: This episode raised the stakes, not only for the characters, but for the audience as well. Aurra Sing is a much darker character than viewers have seen so far on The Clone Wars, and while she’s not gratuitous, she’s definitely edgy. Her cold-bloodedness elevates The Clone Wars above a mere kids’ show. If the writers continue to push the envelope with characters and situations like the ones shown in Lethal Trackdown, Season 3 is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

The return of Hondo was a nice touch. The Clone Wars has been doing a better job of keeping characters consistent, utilizing the same characters in multiple episodes instead of having the assembly line of new baddies and foil characters that marked Season 1.

The Coruscant club scene with Plo Koon and Ahoska was visually stunning. The seedy clientele, the pulsing music and the swirling lights were undeniably Star Wars, but at the same time, felt completely original and new. I can’t help but wonder (and hope) that this sort of setting and atmosphere is something we’ll see much more of in the coming live action television show.

The Weasel: The plot was a bit of a let-down, unable to support the weight of the hype, or the wonderful set-up of the previous episode, R2 Come Home.

Despite all the advertisements for the finale, Boba Fett was a rather minor character – much of the finale’s tension and action was carried by Aurra Sing. And the ending left much to be desired: Minor Spoiler Alert: Boba Fett arrested? Aurra Sing and Slave I crashed (not dead, I’m confident)? Hmmm…kinda lame ending to an otherwise successful season, especially in light of the crazy media campaign generated for the two-part season finale.

An adequate extension to part 1 of the season finale, but, ultimately, unable to live up to the hype. There is definitely further potential for both Boba and Aurra in future seasons, and if the preview for Season 3 says anything, it looks like darker and more exciting episodes are in store.

3 Death Stars out of 5

What do you think? Was Lethal Trackdown a successful conclusion to Season 2? What would you like to see in Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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