Killers: A Summer Movie That Hits Pretty Close to the Mark

10 06 2010

Rising star Katherine Heigl teams up with Twitter savant Ashton Kutcher in this year’s married-couple-turn-out-to-be-spies summer movie, Killers (see Mr. & Mrs. Smith, True Lies, etc.). Here’s the breakdown:

Jen (Heigl) meets Spencer (Kutcher) while on vacation with her parents in France. They hit it off and end up marrying. Little does Jen know, however, that Spencer is an ex-assassin. And when Spencer’s old boss contacts him for one last job, Jen and Spencer are thrown into a world they don’t recognize, where they can trust no one – where neighbors, friends and coworkers turn out to be trained killers, gunning for blood.

The Monkey: At first, the premise seemed very over-done. But Killers quickly made its own mark on the romantic comedy/action genre. The opening scenes in France were wonderfully shot and the little screen time dedicated to Jen and Spencer’s initial romance was well executed and believable.

The movie really took off once the “killers” started coming out of the woodwork – and this was the movie’s strongest aspect. Not knowing which characters were genuine, which were actually planted assassins, added tension and suspense, without which, the movie would have suffered.

The action pieces were not only original, but exciting and surprisingly brutal (making Killers more palatable to the masculine-inclined, who might be worried about the chick-flickiness of the movie). From a dueling car/truck shootout to a through-the-dry-wall office fight, Killers mixed humor, romance, action and violence in perfect amounts, never over-saturating the audience.

The fact that Kutcher toned down his usually over-the-top antics helped contribute to this balance. Killers is essentially Heigl’s movie – Jen drove the emotional connection with the audience and delivered a healthy portion of the humor (as did her parents, played expertly by Catherine O’Hara and Tom Selleck). Kutcher focused more on the action and physicality of Killers – in a move to distance himself from his comic past and enter into a future of action flicks? Perhaps, but regardless of his motives, it was a nice change.

As a last comment: Tom Selleck was stellar as the suspicious father. His subtle humor and hooded glances were priceless and helped elevate Killers’ cast above mediocrity. I hope Hollywood takes notice and sends more work his way.

The Weasel: The end of the movie unraveled so quickly, it almost went unnoticed. Without revealing spoilers, a myriad of questions were left unanswered, an incredibly high body count was left unjustified and a tacked on ending scene felt like it belonged in Meet the Fockers. It’s as if the writers couldn’t find a way to wrap things up…so they didn’t.

An otherwise extremely enjoyable summer movie, tarnished by a dismal ending.

3.5 Death Stars out of 5

What do you think? Did Killers meet your expectations? Did you enjoy the toned-down Ashton Kutcher? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 responses

10 06 2010

I COMPLETELY agree with you on the ending. The whole movie came to a screeching halt and was over… very anticlimactic. P.S. they were in Nice, France.

10 06 2010

Oops! Thanks for the catch! It’s been changed…thanks! 🙂

10 06 2010
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