Due Date: This Is One Date You Can Be Late For

5 11 2010

Robert Downey, Jr. and Zach Galifianakis take a break from their respective franchises (namely Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes and The Hangover) to star in the road trip comedy Due Date, from director Todd Phillips (Old School, The Hangover). Here’s the breakdown:

Peter (Downey, Jr.) is on his way home for the birth of his child. But after an incident on the plane puts him on the no-fly list, Peter must rely on odd-ball Ethan and his dog Sonny to get him all the way across the country…in one piece.

The Monkey: Downey, Jr. and Galifianakis are wonderful actors, and seeing them together is a treat. Their comedy styles juxtapose perfectly and they play off each other well.

And Juliette Lewis popped up again, as a hilarious pot-dealing mom. After her amazing performance in Conviction, and now her comedic role in Due Date, I’m really hoping to see her in more movies in the future!

The funniest moments in the movie are the most irreverent. From spitting in a dog’s face to punching a kid in the stomach to drinking human ashes, outrageous and uncalled for moments like these make Due Date a cut above the typical comedy.

The Weasel: Unfortunately, there were not nearly enough of these over-the-top moments. Don’t get me wrong, there were certainly myriad over-the-top moments, but they were all predictable, rote and, frankly, all featured in the various trailers for the movie.

The film spiraled into a mish-mash of unrelated, unfunny and unbelievable ridiculousness. And then Jamie Foxx was thrown in the mix, who’s character’s purpose was to cause tension between Peter and his pregnant wife, all in an attempt to give the movie some semblance of a dramatic core. It didn’t quite work out that way.

As the credits rolled, I couldn’t help but think I had missed something. A great director, two wonderful actors, in some truly hilarious scenes…but it all didn’t come together.

Due Date gave away all the funny parts in the trailers, and, ultimately, felt more like a movie to tide fans over until they see these actors in their next big movies.

3 Death Stars out of 5

What do you think? Did the trailers give too much away? Would you like to see Robert Downey, Jr. and Zach Galifianakis in another comedy together? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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